GRAVITY CONCEPT pioneers the distribution of high-tech sports equipment in the USA . GC is the exclusive dealer of his products in the USA Industry leadership comes only in one way: Blazing the trail. This is our ambition for the future of our brand name. We are dedicated to the human body's balance and harmony. To make it better, stronger a for a lifetime. We believe in continuous support to our customers thru specifics training methods to achieve groundbreaking results.


GC not only distributes the actual hardware, but provides support to each individual customer or business entity, thanks to innovative techniques and revolutionary training methods that help people reach their goals faster, in an easy and more efficient way. GC is proud to be among the first in the industry with continuous innovation, reliability and years of experience. GC’s operations are organized in three business areas and we supply products to : - Professional athletes and sports teams - Medical facilities - Health clubs, Gym and Spas - Individual